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GGI is an 8(a) acquisition and software/engineering firm that empowers businesses, government, and commercial organizations to perform at their highest capability. GGI specializes in utilizing engineering principles and custom software technology to improve efficiencies, control cost and maintain schedule.

Why Mission Vision

We are a company that bucks the trend. We hire team members not just based on current experience, but because we believe in them, who they are and what they stand for. Sometimes all it takes is someone believing in you and your dream.

Provide top technology that will enhance efficiencies while utilizing top talent to implement a complete solution.

To be the most agile best valued consulting and technology firm in the country.

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Who we are

We are Top Talent

Headquartered in El Segundo, CA with offices in San Diego, CA, and Colorado Springs, CO, the Ginisis Group, Inc, was founded in 2009 by entrepreneur Errol R. Gorman. The Ginisis Group, Incorporated (GGI) was created in response to the Federal Government’s growing demand for an agile and cost-effective organization that could implement a complete solution utilizing top talent and top technology. The small business administration certified the Ginisis Group as an 8(a) in 2015.

Our talent includes Information Technology Analysts, Cyber Security Professionals, Acquisition/Program Managers, Administrators, Software Engineers, Leadership and Executive Coaches, Agile Scrum Masters, Risk Managers, Data and Network Analysts, Knowledge Principals, and Software Developers. Their diverse backgrounds and disciplines ensure our clients receive the best expertise.

30 Years of Experience

Founder & CEO, Errol R. Gorman


Agile Ax

An Innovative business intelligence suite of software tools that uses visulization and info graphics to present real time metrics that enhance and streamline the decision process.


Ginisis Group

T III – Top Technology Top Talent

T III Recruitment: Our way of providing full-circle talented support. GGI is supporting companies, particularly within the Aerospace and defense industry, by offering a cadre of highly skilled professionals, many of whom are Veterans and military spouses. With a robust bench of talent at our disposal, we stand poised to execute the precise work your projects demand.